Basic Rules/Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • LRC Services are available from 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM, from Monday to Friday and 09.00 AM to 01.30 PM on Saturday against your Membership/Identity Card. (Timings may change or vary as per the need)
  • While entering the LRC, Member should leave their personal belongings, such as bags, umbrellas etc. at property counter of LRC at their own risk. However, they can carry loose papers and note books.
  • A Member desirous of using the LRC has to enter his/her name, time (in and out) and put his/her signature in the register kept for the purpose at the entrance of the LRC.
  • Only registered members will be allowed to use the LRC.
  • Members of the LRC should be decently dressed and in presentable form.
  • Members should always carry their ID cards while using the LRC. They must show their ID card on demand.
  • All books and personal belongings must be shown to the staff at the LRC exits, whenever asked to do so.
  • Members should maintain peace and silence in the LRC and should not disturb other users in any way.
  • Put the LRC Resources (Such as Dictionaries, Magazines, Newspapers, Books etc.) back to its proper place after their use.
  • No Books or any other LRC materials shall be taken out from the LRC premises without being issued at the circulation counter otherwise action will be taken against member in the form of fine/suspension of membership or both.
  • Borrowers must satisfy themselves with the physical condition of the book before borrowing.
  • Members are responsible for books issued against their membership.
  • The Members for the LRC are requested to take care of their belongings (laptops, devices and other things) inside the LRC premise otherwise LRC is no way responsible for loss of above said articles or goods.
  • LRC items must not be marked, defaced, mutilated or damaged in any way. If anyone is found doing so, Member will be charged the full replacement cost of the material and other disciplinary action.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking and sleeping strictly prohibited inside the LRC.
  • Use of Mobile phone is not permitted inside the LRC Block.
  • Members are requested to fallow a decent dress code inside the LRC. Wearing Bermuda, Shots, and half knickers are not allowed inside the LRC.
  • The LRC staff has the authority to ask users to leave the LRC, if they are inappropriately dressed or in disciplined by way of causing disturbance or misbehavior.
  • Mutilation and theft of LRC materials are offences and punishable as per law. Appropriate action will be taken by the LRC against offenders.
  • Computers are meant for Study purpose only. Chatting and browsing or Social Networking Sites is strictly prohibited within LRC.
  • The LRC staff has the right to ask a non‐member to leave the LRC.
  • Members are not to share their net access ID and Password with other students.
  • Photography, filming and video recording is prohibited inside the LRC (Except with prior permission of the competent authority in some situations).
  • All the members may get photocopying services from LRC on payment basis. The charge is Re. 1.00 per page.
  • Abusive language or misbehavior is prohibited.
  • Help to keep the LRC and books fresh and clean.

Circulation Guidelines

  • Circulation is available between the 10:00 PM to 04:30 PM on Monday to Friday (Time may vary/change) as first come first serve basis.
  • Borrower can get issue of books as per their entitlement.
  • Borrowing facilities are given only to the members of the LRC.
  • Books or other documents may be borrowed only against the ID card.
  • Book may be retained for a period not exceeding ten days and beyond the date marked on the date slip pasted inside the book.
  • Members are advised NOT to take more than one copy of the same book.
  • Books issued will not be accepted back on same day.
  • Enter the details of issued Books/CDs on Checkout Register at Circulation Counter before leaving the LRC.
  • Reference books, Journals, Magazines and Newspaper are not issued at all.
  • Borrowers (member) must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before borrowing. They shall be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed at the time of returning the book(s).
  • A fine of Rs. 5/- per book per day will be levied after the expiry of the due date.
  • At the time of deposition of overdue fine for books, member must collect receipt for the payment from the Circulation Desk.
  • Members should keep the LRC informed of any change of address, change of hostel, change of subject etc.
  • LRC can recall any issued book even before the due date. Issued books returned after due date attract overdue charges.
  • A book lost/damaged by the member shall be replaced either with latest edition or double cost of book with fine shall be charged.
  • For loss of LRC book the member has to pay double cost of book with fine but fine cannot be more than cost of book.
  • Members can reserve the book, in case desired book is not available in the LRC (issued to the members at the time of reservation).
  • As the desired reserved book becomes available at the LRC, the LRC will send notification through an email/SMS to the concerned member.
  • Lose of LRC books should be immediately reported to the Circulation desk to avoid unnecessary fine which is calculated by computer on daily basis.
  • Any member found guilty of misconduct with LRC staff members will be referred to Director/Vice Chancellor for disciplinary action.

 Note: - In case of any difficulty, Readers can contact the LRC Staff.

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LRC Hours
Monday - Friday 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Saturday 09:00 AM to 01:30 PM
Note: LRC remains open on all days of the year except holidays.

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